On this page you’ll find the candidates for the November 8 general election. All of these candidates have been endorsed by the Clinton County Democratic Party.

Click on the link to download a .docx flier of the Endorsed Candidates you can take with you to the voting booth, or share with your friends and neighbors (Endorsed Candidates Flier).

2016 Clinton County Democratic Party – Endorsed Candidates


Hillary Clinton / Tim Kaine President / Vice President
Debra Wirth U.S. Congress  (4th Congressional District)
Josh Derke State House of Representatives (93rd District)
Frank Szymanski Justice of Michigan Supreme Court
Judge Deborah A. Thomas Justice of Michigan Supreme Court
John Austin State Board of Education (Incumbent)
Ismael Ahmed State Board of Education
Diann Woodard MSU Trustee (Incumbent)
Diane Byrum MSU Trustee (Incumbent)
Denise Ilitch University of Michigan Regent (Incumbent)
Laurence Deitch University of Michigan Regent (Incumbent)
Mark Gaffney Wayne State Board of Governors
Yvette Anderson Wayne State Board of Governors
Dwight Washington County Commissioner (Clinton County, 6th District)
Denise McCrimmon Bath Township Trustee
Dan Stockwell Bath Township Trustee
Johanna Grace Balzer DeWitt Township Trustee (Incumbent)